About Igshaan

[Spoiler Alert: This is not your typical corporate profile]

My name is Igshaan Soules, I am accomplished business leader working for a large listed entity. The views expressed on this blog does not represent the views of the organisation, nor the people therein. It simply offers an honest reflection of my own thoughts around leading effectively in work and in life.

In addition to my corporate life, I am a Certified Executive and Life Coach – having trained through the prestigious Coaches Training Institute.

I have coached executives in leading organisations such as Standard Bank, Nedbank, First National Bank, Metallon, Eskom, etc. I have also trained thousands of professional coaches and managers in coaching skills in South Africa, Norway, Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Who is Igshaan Soules

I am a product of Apartheid South Africa – yet, I have never really allowed that to define who I am. I have had my fair share of set backs as a result of this, but I have also had some amazing opportunities because of my color. [Thank you to the British Counsel for granting me the Helen Suzman Award.]

While titles and professional accolades are nice and often perhaps necessary, the thing that truly drives me (no, it does not define me) is money. Money allows me to be generous with my family, friends and strangers. It also allows me to indulge in all things technology [read Apple], to travel and provide security to my family.

However, the thing that brings me greatest joy is to be of service to others, and more specifically, to make a contribution to the learning and growth of an individual and as such, a contribution to humanity.

It was for this reason I chose in 2005 to become the South African licensee of the Coaches Training Institute, a Californian based organization. I did this at great cost to myself and my family because I felt the need to have South Africans developed the skills to be in a better conversation with each other.

Even though I decided to give up the license in 2009, my most significant impact was training some of South Africa’s most successful professional coaches.

It always makes me uncomfortable when people talk about the impact I have had on their lives – some have entered international partnerships, others have started successful companies, a few have entered politics, while the odd one or two have chosen to pursue a more sedate life style on Australia’s East Coach.

Yet, I have no problem sharing their joy with laughter and tears [Yes, I am a bit of a romantic and softy. Did you know my favourite movie is “Notting Hill”?].

Why am I involved in developing leaders?

My work is driven by a desire to make a contribution to humanity. I believe the best way to do this is by working with managers and leaders – they are able to impact the lives of others in profound ways, often without knowing.

I work with managers and leaders, because I believe they have something of greater value to contribute beyond work,  in society … humanity. I believe every manager and leader wants to be remembered for the impact they had, and not just for the results they achieved.

Yet, there are many who will die having failed to do so.

My dad was one of them!

My dad was an exceptional manager. He was one of the first “black supervisors” in Pick n Pay. He was an exceptional turnaround specialist – being used by companies like Checkers and OK Bazaars to turn around failing stores.

Yet he died, in the words of Oliver Wendell Holmes with the music still inside him.

His development challenge and opportunity – he failed to recognise his own potential to have a bigger impact, accepting that his stage was simply the next failing store.

Why Does This Matter

In 1994, I was fortunate to meet an incredible woman – Heather, a manager who by choice decided to coach & mentor me. She offered me challenging assignments, championed me and engaged me in robust conversation. Her mentorship offered me the most incredible leader development opportunities I have ever experienced.

Philip and Andile were similarly great managers that understood the value of creating workplace where employees felt valued and allowed to thrive.

They modeled for me how impactful managers can be and directly influenced my own management and leadership style.

Then there was Heidi, who skillfully through inquiry, put me on my coaching journey.

None of these managers were “HR People”. They were exceptional people people, perhaps exceptional managers and leaders.

They shaped my life through inquiry, challenge, acknowledgement and most importantly, by allowing me to discover my full potential and live it.

I would like to do the same for you. If you are a mid to senior level manager or business owner who want to have greater impact, call me now to continue a conversation about I can help you achieve this.

You can call me on 083 6330999.