Being a coach is extremely rewarding. As professional coaches we have the opportunity to determine how much time we want to spend working with clients and on our business and how much time we want to spend enjoying life.

Unfortunately, one of the things many coaches forget and even ignore is that we are all running a business. While many of us coach one on one, the reality is that the most financially rewarding coaching is that working with corporate entities. Breaking into this market can be tough for many coaches. Yet, there is an entire world waiting to be coached and an entire world ready to listen to your message.

I am creating a library of resources for coaches to support you with growing your businesses so you can have the life you want when you chose to train as a coach.

This library of resources is housed in a special membership area – membership for now is free of charge. Join by completing the form below.

What you will find in this membership area are resources aimed at helping you succeed as a coach. These include:

  • Tutorials to guide you through the process of setting up a website in less than a day;
  • Effective email marketing strategies to help you nurture your relationships with clients;
  • Creating or finding information resources such as eBooks, articles, e-Courses, Webinars, etc. in a snap;
  • Tools and resources to help you produce client attracting media;
  • More …

I have accumulated these resources based on my own experience of trying to find specific tools, resources and strategies to make my business more productive.

To join, simply enter your details in the sign-up form below and I will share with you the private link to join this membership area. Please note that membership is exclusively reserved for coaches, therapist, trainers or consultants in the Personal Growth space.

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