I am so excited to have you here. You are here because you’re interested in accessing premium resources to help you build your coaching business. I promised you the following resources …

  • Tutorials to guide you through the process of setting up a website in less than a day;
  • Effective email marketing strategies to help you nurture your relationships with clients;
  • Creating or finding information resources such as eBooks, articles, e-Courses, Webinars, etc. in a snap;
  • Tools and resources to help you produce client attracting media;
  • More …

This is the list of resources I will be posting over the next couple of weeks and months. Please do not be disappointed if you don’t see the resource you have been expecting as yet. I am building and growing this membership area and will let you know as soon as new resources become available.

Here are some things I would like for you to be aware off …


Your membership requires approval. If I cannot determine your status as a coach, trainers, etc. from your email, I will more than likely request more information from you in order for me to determine your registration is legitimate.


Although access to this exclusive member resources are free, it is entirely possible that …

  1. You may only access certain premium products for a fee;
  2. I am endorsing certain products – I will never endorse products I have not purchased myself or have not used myself.
  3. I am an affiliate for products I endorse and therefore get paid a commission for any sales generated for that product – you will never pay more than the publicly quoted price for that product.
  4. A membership fee be levied in future depending on the quantum of resources – each existing member at that point will have the option to decline paid membership in which case your membership will terminate;

My wish is that membership site remains free as a service to all coaches. Please know that the resources I am making available on this site has not been acquired for free. I either had to pay for it or had to pay someone to develop it. Some I spent time creating myself.

Using my affiliate link will allow me to earn commission and maintain a FREE site.


Please know the terms of use and service for this membership are very simple.

  1. You may view and download the resources at your discretion – downloads are only allowed where a download link is available;
  2. Where downloads are provided, please note the terms of use and service that comes with each download.
  3. You may not copy text from this website and post it on your own without my expressed permission.
  4. You may not copy text from this website and use it in newsletters without my express permission – unless permission is expressly implied.
  5. You are allow to link back to articles on my blog.
  6. You are welcome to share resources you think may be of use to other coaches, therapist, trainers, etc. We will review and post these resources based on our assessment of its relevance to the members of The Coaching Forum.
  7. All submissions to this forum will be free of affiliate links – you cannot make post or comments on this forum with your affiliate links.

Your are deemed to be in agreement with these terms of use and terms of service for as long as you are a registered member. We also reserve the right to amend these terms of use and terms of service at our discretion.