Q. How many people can attend?

A. The workshop can ideally accommodate 18-54 people at a time. This said, we can offer an expanded version that can accommodate up to 200 people. In this extended version, two organisations exercises will run concurrently.

Q. How long is the workshop?

A. The workshop is designed for a single day, day and half or two days. We are currently only offering the 1-day version. In order to consolidate learning and application we recommend convening a follow-up workshop four weeks later.

Q. How is The Organisation Workshop used?

A. The are a variety of ways in which the workshop is currently used. Examples include: as a team development event, a module in a leadership development programme, a culture-change intervention, or one element in a wider consulting assignment.

Q. How Much does it Cost?

A. It depends on the size of the group. On average, the workshop for a group of 18 people will be around R20,000 for an in-company presentation.

Q. Can You Run The Workshop for Half a Day?

A. Yes, we can. This said, the cost of running a half-day workshop is about 75% of the cost of a full-day workshop.