Relationship With Your Manager: How To Be Better At It

By Igshaan Soules
The relationship with your manager is a good indicator of how well you will do in your current role and your career in the organisation. But, what do you do when the relationship turns wobbly? Let’s face it, a wobbly relationship with your manager can be uncomfortable and lead to a lot of stress.There can be any of a number of reasons why your relationship have hit the skits. However, knowing how to avoid such a scenario is far better than trying to fix one.The following five tips will help you navigate the treacherous waters of being managed and ensure you remain on good terms with your manager.1. Deliver As Expected.
While expectations may be unreasonable at times, pursue all task, activities and assignments without compromise or favor. While good enough may have been an acceptable standard prior to the recession, excellenceis the new benchmark.2. You’re not the Star.
As someone being managed, your results is a direct reflection of how you’re being managed. Making your manager shine will ensure you build valuable relationship currency with the person who is likely to determine your next salary raise (or career move).

3. Be Respectful.
When pressure is mounting or the chips are down, its hard not to find the kinks in your manager’s armor. Be respectful of their role within the organization – particularly in the presence of others – even if you don’t agree with the way in which they handle a situation or manage others.

4. The Best Performers Get The Work Done
It is a known fact that those performing at their peak often receive the greatest amount of work. While this may seem unfair, your choices may seem limited if you’re on the receiving end.

If not, I invite you to help and support those colleagues that always seem to land up with the proverbial monkey on their back.

5. Focus on the Bigger Picture.
Whilst the pressures of the here and now may appear overwhelming, focus on the larger picture of your career. The ability to dance with [handle] challenges as they appear is a valuable management and leadership skill and will serve you well.Get stuck in by offering muscle where needed.

6. Nurture Resilience.
The ability to bounce back when the going gets tough is essential. There is a variety of things you can do, including exercising, meditation, etc. Nurturing your ability to be more resilient will help you deal with any challenges and issues that may come up working with your manager.

7. Be Willing to Be Managed.

Finally, all managers and leaders have different styles of managing. Your ability to adapt is key to your sanity and career success. Even if you are a manager. Find a workaround to help you cope with the development gaps of your manager and offer feedback only when this is invited.

The Bottom Line:

Your relationship with your manager is an asset that will either serve you or not. Nurture the potential within it for failing to do so means you may never achieve the success you crave.

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