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Effective Management

Five Secrets of Effective Managers

By Igshaan Soules Effective managers are highly valued by their companies. Like the sports coach who somehow molds a disparate group of players into a winning team (where previous coaches failed), it is often assumed that effective managers have secret techniques or methods. Yet, for those in the know, their “secrets” are mainly common sense. […]

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leadership mistakes

5 Most Common Mistakes High Potential Managers Make

By Igshaan Soules All managers and leaders make mistakes. It is part of the learning process as they move into ever more complex roles and situations. Each situation is unique and the mistakes managers make are specific to the role they play given a specific context and circumstance.  However, understanding who you are, your strengths […]

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Giving Feedback: How To Give Developmental Feedback in 30 Seconds or Less

Giving feedback is an important task and characteristic of effective managers. Feedback helps others to gauge how well they are doing. However, most managers believe feedback should involve a long process when in reality, managers can give good feedback in 30 seconds or less. In an earlier post about the Characteristics of Effective Management, I […]

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