10 Mistakes HR Practitioners Make Designing and Managing Executive Coaching Activities (Part 1)

By Igshaan Soules The HR department plays a central role in designing and managing coaching activities within the organization. They are key decision makers when it comes to recruiting executive coaches and central to leveraging executive coaching for developing leaders within the organisation. Yet, human resource practitioners often fail to deliver the quality of coaches, […]

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Giving Feedback: How To Give Developmental Feedback in 30 Seconds or Less

Giving feedback is an important task and characteristic of effective managers. Feedback helps others to gauge how well they are doing. However, most managers believe feedback should involve a long process when in reality, managers can give good feedback in 30 seconds or less. In an earlier post about the Characteristics of Effective Management, I […]

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Relationship With Your Manager

Relationship With Your Manager: How To Be Better At It

By Igshaan Soules The relationship with your manager is a good indicator of how well you will do in your current role and your career in the organisation. But, what do you do when the relationship turns wobbly? Let’s face it, a wobbly relationship with your manager can be uncomfortable and lead to a lot […]

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