As a leadership development, coaching, consulting and training organization our focus is on designing and offering customised learning and leadership development interventions. We offer coaching skills training for managers and training in a variety of management and leadership development competencies.

Our goal is to create an empowering learning environment for greater personal leadership and professional growth.

The following is a sample of what we have designed and offered to various clients. These courses are fully customizable to meet client needs. Contact Igshaan on 083 633 0999 to discuss your specific training needs.


Leading Beyond Boundaries

The Leading Beyond Boundaries is a dynamic, high impact, high-paced one- or two-day experiential learning environment offering participants key insights on power and leadership within systems.

The workshop offers a unique opportunity to look clearly at the systemic patterns that regularly occur within organisations and how this specifically undermine partnership and effectiveness across internal departments and customers.

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Coaching for Transformation

Leadership Compass

Coaching for Transformation is a dynamic, highly-interactive two-day course that teaches senior leaders how to leverage learnt coaching skills to facilitate change as well as develop leadership practices and workplace relationships that nurture a high degree of trust, collaboration and accountability.

The aim is to inspire and promote leadership that will foster and nurture organisational transformation.


Leader as Talent Champion

Coaching Jigsaw
The Leader as Talent Champion, is not your typical “Manager as Coach” training program. It focuses on developing middle to senior managers’ capacity to shift from command and control to a leadership style that enables them to successfully elicit the talent potential inherent in each of their team members.

As a Talent Champion, the manager uses coaching principles, tactics and skills to champion and direct the efforts of HiPo employees to areas where their resourcefulness can better support the demands of the business and their own personal growth.


Coaching for Superior Performance

Coaching for Performance
Coaching for Superior Performance is my signature coaching skills training program. The program’s focus is on developing workplace coaching skills. The course provides junior to middle managers and professionals with structure, process and resources to adopt a ‘coaching-approach” to managing or leading and to leverage this for inspiring superior performance.


Fundamentals of Coaching @ Work


The Fundamentals of Coaching @ Work is our foundational coach training program. It provides training to supervisors and junior managers in foundational coaching skills. The key learning thread that will be held throughout the workshop will be “What is coaching and how can learned coaching skills help me have greater impact as a manager in the workplace?”.

Using demonstrations, lecturette’s and debriefs, we will spend time exploring what coaching is or what it’s like to be in a coach-like conversation with someone at work and what its like to adopt a coach-approach to managing. Your managers will have the opportunity to experience being coached, practice coaching skills as well as observe and provide feedback to their peers on their coaching;


Blueprint for Giving and Receiving Feedback that Counts

feedback graphic

The Blueprint for Giving and Receiving Feedback That Counts is a laser focused half day training presentation aimed at demonstrating to managers and leaders and those responsible for giving feedback to others, a highly effective yet simple process for giving effective development feedback that counts.

The program outcome is proficiency in crafting and delivering developmental messages that count.