Black Faces in White Places: Interview with author, entrepreneur and Apprentice winner Randal Pinkett

I am constantly on the lookout for interesting stories and resources that could benefit you. Pamela is an internet blogger and coach focusing specifically on helping professionals “escape from cubical nation”. She is one of many bloggers I interact with regularly. She posted this interview with Randal Pinkett I thought was most enlightening.

Randall is the only minority / black winner of the Apprentice – the Donald Trump reality show. In the final interview to determine the Apprentice from the last two remaining contestants, Donald Trump ask him to consider sharing his prize with a Anglo Saxon / white woman. This was the only time a contestant was asked to share their prize with a runner up.

Randal, a successful entrepreneur wrote a book entitled, Black Faces in White Space. The interview resonated with me because from my own experience, many black professionals are still confronted with the same challenges – just masked differently.

Please listen to the interview and come back and post some of your comments here.


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