Strategies for a Healthier Frame of Mind and a Happier New Year

It is time to put into action strategies for a healthier frame of mind in preparation for a happier and more successful new year. Yes, letting go of negative thoughts is important for starting your new year with renewed energy and positive intent. To achieve this, you need to free up space for thoughts that will nurture a positive frame of mind.

So, it’s time to close out this year and let go of any negative thoughts you’ve been harboring about the events of the last year.

For many, the last twelve months was about surviving. How about you? What was this year about for you? Did you battle to keep your head above the “financial rapids”? Did you struggle to keep your relationships on track? Whatever happened for you this year, there is no doubt that this year was another tumultuous year for all. And, you now need to recover so you can step into a more empowering frame of mind.

Rather than allowing the New Year to be a reminder of all the things that went wrong this past year, embrace it as a brand new opportunity to put the past behind you and move joyfully forward.

Choosing A Positive Frame of Mind

Although we cannot erase what has happened, we can choose how we wish to view the future. Avoid thinking that nothing will change in the New Year, or that things will always be undesirable. A New Year is a clean slate. What happened is in the past and before you lies a new and happier future.

The key is to set your mind on how things will be better this year. By focusing your mind on what you want, instead of what you don’t want, you’ll be able to see last year’s setbacks in a different light. Seeing a setback as a challenge that you can overcome, even if it takes some time, will allow you to continue moving forward, even when things aren’t going your way.

You can overcome struggle and setbacks by motivating yourself or have a coach champion you through this period.

Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.
— Dale Carnegie—

Strategies for Letting Go of the Past

When you release what you’re struggling with from the closing year, you free yourself to move forward without its heavy trappings. Even if something hurt you or made you upset, and even if people were unfair to you or treated you wrongly, today can be a new day for you.

There are several ways to let go of past hurts – example coaching or motivational books. Experiment until you find what works for you. The good news is that if you keep trying different approaches, you’ll find something that helps you succeed in this endeavor.

Here are some others strategies for creating a more positive frame of mind. You might want to work with a coach, a friend or trusted colleague to support you as you try out the following ideas.

  • Visualize and write your hurts and worries onto balloons, and release them to the sky.
  • Make a list of the upsetting events from the last year and set the list on fire.
  • You may find strength and completion through prayer. Pray and ask for release from the pain or challenges you face.
  • Spend time in quiet reflection so you can find more peace in your life. Choose a quiet place and “designate” it sacred (I don’t mean religious) for the purpose of this exercise. Example, a quiet spot in the garden.
  • Take the time to consciously forgive others for what they did, even if it’s hard to do.
  • Take time to forgive yourself!

Completion is a powerful ally. It helps you move forward by helping you adopt a more positive mindset. It also creates the energy and readiness to step into a different perspective of life. It allows you to release the energy of what was, in preparation for what’s next for you.

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