Leadership Development: 5 Levels of Leadership Mastery

By Igshaan Soules If you are a manager or business owner, the key to your success and long term fulfillment is Mastery. To be effective as a manager and achieve true success and fulfillment, your leadership development efforts must incorporate five levels of leadership mastery. We live in a world that changes constantly, appears ambiguous,…


Fostering a Collaborative Work Environment

By Igshaan Soules A hallmark of 21st century work and career principals is collaboration. Thriving organizations understand that collaboration is essential to produce the innovative solutions that keep the business and its network growing, but it also nurtures a pleasant work environment that is needed to retain the best employees. Of course, creating an environment where…

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10 Mistakes HR Practitioners Make Designing and Managing Executive Coaching Activities (Part 2)

By Igshaan Soules Executive coaching is one of the most valuable tools HR professionals can use for developing leaders. In part one of this two-part article series, I looked at several mistakes HR practitioners make when designing, deploying and managing executive coaching activities. The focus was more on the recruitment of executive or business coaches….